ASUKA II 竿灯・ねぶた祭りクルーズ japanese festival cruise-3


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☀ Asuka II is the biggest cruise liner of the Japanese flags. Its home port is Yokohama.


2008年8月5日(火)/ 5 August 2006

夜の間に下北半島からぐるっと秋田側に回り込み、午前8:00 男鹿半島船川港に入港。


During the night, ASUKA II passed through the strait from the Pacific to the Japan Sea to come to an anchor at the port of Funakawa, where the citizens gave us big welcome events and shows. We enjoyed warm hospitality of theirs and the tone of their dialect.

(男鹿市・船川港の皆様暖かいおもてなしを有難うございました。 Thanks to the citizens of Oga City and Funakawa Port)











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