The South Pacific Grand Cruise 2009-1 Departure 横浜出航

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南太平洋グランドクルーズ2009 をなぞるクルーズに出航しようと思う。

Right after I came back home from the cruise, I was down with bronchitis. While irritated with my weakness, seasonal pollinosis teamed up with bronchitis to inflict further blow on me.

Now cherry blossoms have brought me the days of less coff-coffs and time to look back on my recent cruise. 

Well, it is time for me to go on a voyage of tracing the South Pacific Grand Cruise 2009 on ASUKA II. I hope you would join me!


1月20日(火) クルーズ第1日目 

横浜出航の1月20日は寒い曇り空。しかし心優しいたくさんの人たちのお見送りで出航をいろどってもらい、午後2時、ASUKAIIは銅鑼と汽笛3回の音を残して静かに岸壁を離れる。その瞬間から、「しめしめ、今年は日本の寒い季節をワープできるぞ」と 心は既に南半球。夏の洋服も水着もありったけ詰め込んできたし・・・ところが・・・!?! 

Tue. January 20th    The First Day of the Cruise   

It was cold and cloudy on the day of departure, January 20. But so many well-wishers at the port cheered and coloured our departure. And I was very excited to be able to skip the coldest season of Japan this year, bringing all summer clothes and swimming wears, hoping so much in the southern hemisphere. But・・・to be continued.






     前方の小型船は小さいけれども頼りになる我らのパイロット船The boat in front is our small but very reliable pilot boat





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