南太平洋グランドクルーズ2009-23 ブルーマウンテンズ Blue Mountains

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2月4日(水) クルーズ16日目

Wed. Feb. 4th, the 16th day of the cruise

Sydney, Australia


Blue Mountans国立公園へ  To Blue Mountains National Park

海上生活が半月にもなるので、シドニー滞在の一日目にはBlue Mountains 国立公園のバスツアーを予約しておいた。


9:00に船を出発。郊外に出ると車窓から左に魚市場を見て、アンザック橋を渡りAnzac Bridge(詳しく美しい写真はご近所のEmjayさんのブログ)、やがてミレニアムオリンピックが行われた競技場(ANZスタジアム)を右に見て、バスはパラマッタ川Parramatta River (ご近所のEmjayさんのブログ)を渡り、パラマッタハイウェイを一路ブルーマウンテンズへとひた走る。眺めていると乗用車は5台に3台が日本車。ガイドにその理由を聞くと、ここでは車検が10年に1回なのでそれ以前に壊れるような車は敬遠されるとのこと。


After so many days on the ocean, it could be wise to reserve a bus tour to the mountain side, I thought. Since the ship stays overnight in Sydney, why not visit Blue Mountains on the first day!

Blue Mountains is located about 100km west of Sydney. It is like a Tokyoite making a day trip to Hakone.

Started the trip at 9:00, seeing Sydney Fish Market on the left, crossing Anzac Bridge (the better photos and article by courtesy of Emjay), seeing ANZ Millenium Olympic Stadium on the right, crossing  Parramatta River (again by courtesy of  Emjay), and the bus ran and ran. I saw many Japanese cars on the highway, 3 out of 5. I asked our guide why so many Japanese cars here, and  she explained: The official safety check is required only once in 10 years there. So they tend to buy more durable cars. In Japan, the first safety check comes when purchased NEW cars get 3 years old, and the following check comes at each second year. To avoid repeated expensive safety checks, many car owners think of buying a new car at the early stage while their 3-year-old car still sells at comparably high price. This excessive repetition is ridiculous and waste in various senses! Thank you for standing my complaint. 

 There is a railway from Sydney to Blue Mountains. The nearest station is Katoomba that was once the shipping point of  coal mined at Blue Mountains. Today, living in Blue Mountains and commuting to Sydney or having their job there is a fashonable life-style, said our guide.



車窓から on the way to Blue Mountainsこの樹は?珍しいものばかり・・・ What tree? So busy looking around!










ブルー・マウンテンズはユウカリの原生林 である。温度が高い季節、ユーカリ油が揮発してそれに陽光があたり、プリズム効果で山全体がボーっと青く見えるのが所以だそうだ。実はこれが山火事の原因になる。雷や自然発火が山火事を招く。しかし子の火事により一筋縄では発芽しない固いユーカリの実が発芽可能になるという自然の仕組みの一部なのだそうだ。

Blue Mountains is designated as World Heritage and one of the Australia’s national parks.

Blue Mountains is a huge virgin forest of eucalyptus that emits its oil when heated by the sun. The volatilised oil covers the mountains and makes them look blue. That sometimes causes a bush fire during the season of heat originated by tree-to-tree friction or a lightning. It is a necessary process for very hard eucalyptus nuts to get soft and enabled to germinate.


有名なスリーシスターズの像がお出迎え。The statues of famous Three Sisters at the entrance 






A trolley named Mountain Devil runs on the rails with an inclination of 40 degrees through a narrow gap between high-rise rocks. Wow, it’s amusing!










本物のスリーシスターズ(魔法が解けるまで岩にされてしまっているのだそうです。) Real Three Sisters in the shape of rock until a magic wand is found.








Took a walkway from the Railway Bottom Station to the Cableway Bottom Station and enjoyed fresh air and smell of greens. There are many walkways in the virgin forest.











昔は炭鉱だったブルーマウンテンズ The remains of coal-miningかつての炭鉱入口Cablewayからの眺め









Echo Point エコーポイント


Echo PointThe beautiful sky at Echo PointA huge stone bench at Echo Point






York Fairmont Resortで昼食。Tooheys Newというオーストラリアのビールを頼んでみる。発音は「 トゥーイーズ」。食後Laura(ルーラ)の町を散策。LauraはKatoombaの隣の駅。昔石炭の富豪たちが住んだ町で瀟洒でお洒落な町。この町を最後に帰途に着く。

Had lunch at York Fairmont Resort. Tried one of the Australian beers, Tooheys New. Good!  After lunch, we had a stroll in Leura ( must pronounce as Loora), the town next to Katoomba. It used to be a wealthy people’s residential area, they say. There is a little posh air in the town. Now it is almost time to go back to the ship. 


Leuraで買った物 ・ ルーラの木工芸品 What I bought at Leura: wooden handicraft goods





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