南太平洋グランドクルーズ2009-53 タヒチ島パペーテ Papeete, Tahiti

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2月20日~2月21日(土) クルーズ34日目  タヒチ島パペーテ

Fri. Feb. 20 ~ Sat. Feb. 21, the 34th day of the cruise   Papeete, Tahiti Island



ASUKA II passed under the bridge of rainbow and arrived at Passenger Piers Epi Nord in Papeete, Tahiti Island at 19:30. Right in front of the Pier, the lights of downtown Papeete spread. A little after our arrival, the ship Paul Gauguin anchored at the pier next to us.


虹 Rainbow






ポール・ゴーギャン号 The Paul Gauguin of Regent Co.

パペーテを中心に3島のクルーズ専門の船舶/Paul Gauguin, a cruise ship specializing in the cruises around Tahitian Islands

船舶データ                              Ship Data:

全長: 156.5 m                                                             Length: 156.5 m

全幅:   21.6 m                                                              Width:    21.6 m

総トン数: 19,200                                                            Gross tonnage: 19,200

航行速度: 18 ノット                         Cruising speed: 18 knots

船籍: バハマ                              Ship registry: Bahamas

乗客数: 332人                                                               Passenger capacity: 332

乗員数: 215人                            Crew: 215

ASUKA II data for your reference    ご参考までにASUKA IIのデータ

Tonnage: 50,142   Length: 241m    Width: 29.6m    Cruising speed: 23 knots    Passenger capacity: 940   Crew: 440 総トン数:50,142  全長:241m  全幅:29.6m  巡航速度:23ノット  乗客数:最多940人  乗組員数:440人






日焼けと湿疹でクリニックへ/Sunburn & Rash






Itchness and pain kept me awake all night on the night of Papeete. I had applied enough sunscreen on my exposed skin, but missed the back of the knees and of the ears and snorkeled all day.

Went to the ship clinic for the first time in my cruise history. Medical expence on the ship is not covered by domestic medicare system. It is charged fully on our bill. But if your travel insurance is the one to fulfill the conditions of your sickness or injuries, the insurance company will repay it later to you. My doctor prescribed ointment and tablets, and handed me an ice pack.

She is a small-boned doctor and looks like a teenager. She directed me to stop alcohol drinks for the time being and continued,

“You have a plan to snorkel again at Bora Bora!? Well, well, how can I say to stop that after so many days’ rough and long cruise to reach Bora Bora?  Don’t skip medicine and have a rest today, and if you feel a little better, you may go snorkeling there. We will see if you have to come back here again or not.”

Thus, she gave a permission to me who was sitting in front of her wearily like a little meek lamb from lack of sleep .

After all, it is Saturday and all the shops except convenience stores and black pearl shops closes at 12 o’clock noon, plus raining and thundering, and humidity is awful. I’ll have a good sleep all afternoon….zzz


黒真珠/Black Pearls


タヒチ3島(モーレア、パペーテ、ボラボラ)で黒真珠を購入すると税金還付制度がある。5,000CFP (約6000円)以上に対して約16%の還付率。しかしいくつかの条件を満たす必要がある。少し複雑なのでここでは詳細を省略するが、タヒチ旅行で購入を予定している方は事前に調べてお出かけになることをお勧めします。

Tahiti equals black pearls. Sales offensive is something here. Outside the security check gate of the ship, so many shop staff try to induce the passengers to come and see black pearls at their shop.

They have tax refund system applied only to the purchased black pearls for 5,000CFP or more in Moorea, Papeete and Bora Bora by foreign tourists. There are several conditions to cover for application that are a little complicated to describe here in detail. Before visiting, it is worth checking. The refund is 16% of the purchased price.




























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