my gallery 23: オキーフの赤色のポピー  O’Keeffe’s Red Poppy ©

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模写をしてみると、オキーフの色の重ね方、筆勢、早い仕上げ、そしてオキーフの息遣いまでが伝わってくる。新たな疑問もわいてくる。オキーフは左利きか、または両手利きだったのではないか・・・ 好きな画家オキーフに思いを馳せながらする模写は庭の秋の空気とあいまって黄金の時間を紡ぎ出す。


An O’Keeffe’s exhibition poster at MOMA NY in 1988 has been on the wall of one of our rooms. It is “Red Poppy” originally oil on canvas.

I gave it a try to copying it and learned a lot about how she painted, what colors were mixed, and how fast she finished it. And that left me one question if she was a good left hander as well. I checked about that through my several books of Ms O’Keeffe’s paintings, but no such description was found about it. I enjoyed thinking about the painter in the autumn atmosphere woven in golden colors.


                                     O’Keeffe’s Red Popy poster 原画ポスター サイズ: 71 cm X 64 cm 

               (70 cm X 54.5 cm excluding the border  white & advertisement ヘリと広告を除いた絵画部分の寸法)



                                        模写 Copied by magnifika サイズ:15F号 65.2 cm X 53 cm


                                    Magnifikaの過去投稿インデックス Magnifika’s Past Post Index 





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