ASUKA II 世界一周クルーズ’12 モーリシャス ル・コーダン・ウォーターフロント/AROUND THE WORLD CRUISE ’12 Le Caudan Waterfront, Mauritius

4月24日(火) モーリシャス・ポートルイス港 ル・コーダン・ウォーター・フロント 
Tue. April 24 Le Caudan Waterfront, Port Louise, Mauritius

ル・コーダン・ウォーターフロントの写真をもっと見る/More Photos of Le Le Caudan Waterfront

ここは「不思議の国のアリス」に登場する今は絶滅してしまった鳥ドードーの島。こんな本 を買ってみる。
This is the island where the dodo of Alice-in-Wonderland once lived and now is extinct. Found the book at a Waterfront bookshop.

Many people of Indian descent have shops of reliable good products of India such as flavoured tea and Kashmir hand-made products.


Giraffe Story: At a glance a wooden giraffe on the shelf of the shop of Fort Adelaide caught my heart. I bought the 60-cm tall beauty and took it to the ship. When I returned ship I happened to see JC, one of the waiters of our dining room. He asked me how I enjoyed Mauritius. Reflectively I told him that I bought a beautiful wooden giraffe but that later I noticed there is no giraffe in this country.
That evening in the galley, waiters were talking and laughing about my giraffe, chanting, “Giraffe, giraffe, Mag bought a giraffe in Mauritius”, told our Japanese chief waiter. I felt my cheeks blush.

ピンク・ピジョンはモーリシャスの美しく美味しいラム酒 ウオーターフロントでどっさり購入.
PINK PIGEON is rum named after indigenous pigeons with beautiful light pink breast. One of the most endangered species.

Looking at Fort Adelaide I had been some hours ago, we left “Lady of Indian Ocean” into the sunset.

「ASUKA II 世界一周クルーズ’12 モーリシャス ル・コーダン・ウォーターフロント/AROUND THE WORLD CRUISE ’12 Le Caudan Waterfront, Mauritius」への3件のコメント

  1. I love this laughing giraffe ! She looks very happy ! … and never mind where giraffes are living and surely not in Mauricius ! … Now she’s living in your cabine before you can install in your house ! …
    Funny story !



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