ASUKA II 世界一周クルーズ’12 イボイノシシ! / AROUND THE WORLD CRUISE ’12 Desert warthogs

4月29日(日) 17:30
Sun. April 29  17:30

テラスでティーを飲んでいると・・・目の前に! / Having tea at the Terrace of the Hotel, I lifted my face from a sip. Wow, believe it or not, this is what I saw.

「ASUKA II 世界一周クルーズ’12 イボイノシシ! / AROUND THE WORLD CRUISE ’12 Desert warthogs」への4件のコメント

  1. Oh, warthogs on the lawn! Banish natural he returned at a gallop !
    Your picture has been shoot in April. Where are you now ?
    And who’s the elegant ady in the hôtel ? I’m curious, but if you posted the picture, was it not to introduce her to us ?
    Have a nice day.



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