Amazing Africa: ビクトリアの滝 / Victoria Falls

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ビクトリア・フォールズの写真をもっと見る/More Photos of Victoria Falls

4月30日(月) ビクトリアの滝 Mon. April 30 Victoria Falls ビニール合羽にしっかり身を包みいよいよ滝を見に行く。一度高く上がった水煙が雨のごとく降り注ぐ。風向きによっては相当ずぶぬれになるそうだが、運良く「多少」ですんだ。もう乾季の入り口の季節だというのに圧倒的な水量、腹の底まで伝わる轟き。音もしぶきも下から湧き上がってくる。伝え聞いていた言葉の数々は滝を前にして「無」に帰した。唯の生き物として今ここにいる・・・そんな感覚を味わいつつ・・・圧巻、圧巻!!!

The time has come to go to see the Falls, wearing one plastic rain cover over another. Depending on the direction of wind, the cloud of spray rising up high in the air falls like rain over you. But luckily we got only moderate shower. It was the beginning of the dry season, but the volume of water overwhelmed us. And “the smoke that thunders” shook us from the bottom both physically and mentally. What I had heard about the Falls came to nothing. I was just standing and existing then and there as a tiny living thing.

ビクトリアの滝/About the Victoria Falls


Victoria Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world and world heritage, is located between Zambia and Zimbabwe. The Zambezi river originating from Angora and flowing through Zambia and Zimbabwe, ends at Mozambique into the Ocean. On the way, the water drops 108m into 7 gorges below. The falls are as long as 1708m. The Victoria Falls named after the reining queen at the time by David Livingston is the official name of the falls in Zimbabwe, and Mosi-oa-Tunya meaning “smoke that thunders” in Zambia.

「Amazing Africa: ビクトリアの滝 / Victoria Falls」への2件のコメント

  1. What a magnificent spectacle !
    I realize that Victoria Falls are five times higher than Niagara Falls … and they are impressive !
    Thanks a lot to share your pictures.
    Have a nice day.


    • They could be that much higher. We could not go down and see the Falls from the bottom up at this season. The flow of the water is too much.

      You are welcome! Thank YOU for your visits, Apolline!



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