Africa-7 チョべ国立公園サファリ・ロッジ / Safari Lodge, Chobe National Park

モアナ・サファリ・ロッジの写真をもっと見る/More photos of Mowana Safari Lodge

4月30日(月) ボツワナ チョべ国立公園 モアナサファリロッジ
Mon. April 30 Mowana Safari Lodge, Chobe National Park, Botswana


Around 10:00, we left Victoria Falls (it is also a name of a city) and headed for Botswana on a one stretched glaring road through a dry savannah. Enjoyed the curious views along the road. We even saw a big traffic accident.
There was some space with a flat small house-like building under the hot sun. That is the border immigration office. We go in from a Zimbabwe door and have a face-to-face immigration procedure and once cleared, go out of Botswana-side door. We must step on the mop absorbing liquid disinfectant. (Photography is prohibited in this area. I wish I could have, but the view and atmosphere stays only in me.) From Botswana side, we took an open-air safari car to Mowana Safari Lodge in Chobe National Park.


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