Africa-9 チョべ川クルーズ アフリカゾウ /Chobe River Cruise African Elephant

4月30日(月) ボツワナ チョべ川クルーズ アフリカゾウ
Mon. April 30 Chobe River cruise, Chobe National Park, Botswana African Elephant


I have seen many elephants in my life, some in a fence of the zoo and fed, others trained for use or circus and tourism by man. This is the very first time for me to see a real wild elephant. Even in Africa, elephants are mostly seen at the artificial preservation sites for the injured or the ones who lost parents.
It appeared from a distance and disappeared into the eternal flow of wildlife with dignity. I stood still seized with awe.


「Africa-9 チョべ川クルーズ アフリカゾウ /Chobe River Cruise African Elephant」への2件のコメント

  1. イイなあ~~~自然の中が一番ね。



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