Africa-28 ボルダーズ・ビーチのベンギン / Penguins of Boulders Beach

ベンギンの写真をもっと見る/More photos of penguins

5月2日(水) アフリカン・ペンギン
Wed. May 2 African Penguins





I had looked forward to seeing Boulder’s African penguins, but as a result I did not see them.

On the outset of the inland trip, we took the flight of Moçambique airline from Port Elizabeth. My seat was on the window side, the frame of which was loose and half hanging. During the flight, the sizzling compressed air hit me and froze me. Of course, I asked  of the attendants for a blanket, then she instantly and flatly said, “No blanket.”
Magnifika: “How about masking tape or something?”
Attendant: “This is all we have”
What she brought me was a piece of adhesive plaster for the use of finger cuts.

From around the Safari drive, my fever started going up. At night when arrived at Capetown, it went up to almost 39℃=102°F
Our ship had not arrived at Capetown yet from Port Elizabeth. I just went on the trip as scheduled. But finally at Boulders Beach, I consumed all my energy and stayed in the bus hearing the strong wind from the sea blowing over the residential area near the beach.

So this long story is an excuse that the photos here were taken by my partner “3G”.



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