バガンのアーナンダ寺院  Ananda Temple of Bagan

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私的メモから/ From my memorandums on Ananda Temple

アーナンダ寺院: バガン遺跡最大の美しい寺院。本堂の一辺53m x 53m また67m x 67mともいわれ, 高さ50m 1105年チャンスィッター王建立。東西南北の入り口が設けられそれぞれの方向の入り口の正面に黄金の仏陀の立像が祀られている。

Ananda Temple, a Buddhist temple, is the biggest and said to be the most beautiful temple in Bagan built in 1105 AD during the reign of King Kyazittah. The size is 53m x 53m and 50m tall. The temple houses four golden standing Buddhas, each one facing the direction of East, North, West and South.

DSC_2712パゴダ部分 A part of the Pagoda


托鉢僧: 北門からのお詣りが正式とのことで北門より入る。入ってすぐ托鉢の帰りらしい僧と出会う。カメラを見て静かに立ち尽くしていて下さるので慌ててカメラを構える。女性は僧にあまり近づいてはならないと事前になんぞのガイドブックで読んでいたのでご遠慮していたのだが、ありがたいことであった。

A Priest: A formal visit should be through the North Gate. So I did as I was told. At the entrance, a priest approached me in a very friendly manner and posed looking at my camera. I was in a flurry and had the honor of taking photos of him. Before the Myanmar trip I read some guide book which said women must avoid going too close or talking to priests. His natural way of showing kindness made me happy.DSC_2693




ミャンマーの仏教/信仰: 上座部仏教または小乗仏教 (2つの大きな仏教の流れのひとつ。個人の努力を通して救済を得るという教義に重きを置く)

Main Religion of the  Myanmar: More than 90% of them have faith in Theravada (Hinayana) Buddhism, one of two great schools of Buddhist doctrine emphasizing personal salvation through your own efforts and good deeds.


アーナンダ寺院の巨大仏陀立像 フォトは次の投稿で/ Four Standing Buddhas of Ananda Temple whose photos’ coming in the next post :

北の仏陀:倶留孫(くるそん)Kakusandha  of the north

東の仏陀:倶那含牟尼(くなごんむに)Konagamana of the east

南の仏陀: 迦葉(かしょう)Kassapa of the south

西の仏陀: 釈迦牟尼(しゃかむに)Gotama of the west


写真家バガン・マウン・マウン Bagan Maung Maung, photographerBagan Maung Maung-2




Bagan Maung Maung, photographer:

Along the long north aisle toward the standing Buddha, Kakusandha, many souvenir vendors sell postcards, craftwork, sandals, and what not. Among them, there is Maung Maung’s gallery. His works impressed me so much. I bought his photograph collection book. His several photos tell far more about the heart and even air of beautiful Myanmar than the many photos I took there. They bring Bagan back in to my living room.




Tamarind: DSC_5113



I bought local dried tamarind snack from a vendor at the North Entrance. It has an unaffected sweet taste with a slight sourness  There are 10 packets of 10 twists in a bag. We liked it very much and bought extra bags at the hotel shop for souvenir. But there the price is double of that of vendor’s for the same package.  I recommend you to get one from vendors or at a downtown small shop if you are interested.









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