QE-5 キャプテンとオフィサー紹介 Our Captain & Her Officers





船内新聞「DAILY PROGRAMME」のプロファイル記事より:

インガー・トーハーガー船長紹介: 岩だらけの吹きさらしのファロー島に生まれ育ち、1989年デンマークに移り住む。学生時代貨物船のスチュワーデスを経験。自分に全く合わない仕事と判明。当てもないまま16歳でDFDS Scandinavian Seawaysの士官候補となり階級を地道に昇り、1994年には修士号取得。フェリー勤務を経て、Cunard, P&Oなどでキャリアーを積み2010年クイーン・ヴィクトリア、そして今回3代目クイーン・エリザベス号に女性初のキャプテンとしてシドニーより指揮を執る。

An excerpt from “Officer Profile” on the voyage daily “DAILY PROGRAMME” dated March 4, 2015:

‘Captain Inger Klein Thorhauge was born and grew up in the rugged, rocky, windswept Faroe Islands and moved to Denmark in 1989. While still at school, she took work as a stewardess on a cargo ship during the holidays. This quickly revealed a deep-set loathing of cleaning which strongly suggested it was not her vocation. Inger joined DFDS Scandinavian Seaways as a cadet at the age of 16. She worked her way up through the ranks achieving her Master’s license in 1994. After spending some years on ferries, she joined Cunard and P&O. After P&O, she returned to Cunard, and joined Queen Victoria in 2010.’

She is the first female Captain of the Queen Elizabeth in the history of three ships crowned with this honourable name, starting her new career from Sydney.


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  1. 女性キャプテン、かっこいいです!!


    • ほんとに、いいなと思いました。人知れぬ大変さをくぐってここまで昇りつめたのだと拝察しますが、とってもカラッとして明るい方でした。




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